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The aim of the project is to connect sleep with open networks and city data to create interactive poetic videos projected in real time throughout the city during the participants' sleeping time. We create a dream atmosphere in the city at night by projecting videos of the city taken during the day but transformed, translated and distorted by the brain waves of people's sleep and the city's open data (air pollution and noise pollution).

We have realized for the first version of  this project in Danemark in partnership with the Smart Aarhus City Lab ITK, Aarhus Kommune (Innovation and Technology Center) in the framework of the European S.T.ARTS (Science, Tehcnology and Arts) residency programme, in 2018 - 2019. We also have been supported by the ARoS Museum of Denmark and Interaxon-Muse company.

Video presentation:

Keywords: Brain Art, Sleep art, Video art, Interactivity, Network-IOT, Open-Data

Photos by: the Citizens of Aarhus, Walid Breidi, Virgile Novarina, Marie-Sol Pariente, Michelle Bach Lindstrøm.

​© 2020 Walid Breidi

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