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On one end of the installation, videos taken by the citizens of Aarhus and edited by us are shown on public screens of the city during the night. On the other end of the installation, we have at least five sleepers wearing headband sensors during their sleep. The volunteers will sleep in their homes. The headband sensors measure the EEG brainwaves of the sleepers and transmit them to Smartphones connected to our network Sleep in the City. We measure the five main brainwaves Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The Smartphones send the data to a server that receives also noise and pollution data measured by the City. This datum (sleep brainwave data and city sensor data) will control the aesthetic of the videos in real time.

The levels of noise and pollution, and the variation of the amplitude of the brainwaves delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma, control the tonal value of the video image as well as the choice of colors and the degree of abstraction. Each range of brainwaves has its effects ranging from warm tones to cool tones or from pure colors to degraded colors, going through broken to deep tones.

Photos by: the Citizens of Aarhus, Walid Breidi, Virgile Novarina, Marie-Sol Pariente, Michelle Bach Lindstrøm.

​© 2020 Walid Breidi

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